Saturday, October 18, 2008


The most anticipated ride of the year was welcomed by a sunny 50 degree day. The Sturgeon Bike Week Ride takes the Nobodies down (south) Highway 23 then across several county roads connecting up with Highway 61 to Sturgeon Lake and eventually back to the home of the Nobodies, Duluth Minnesota. Due to exploring a new county road, we added several miles to the ride this year.

Despite having a banner year of recruiting six new riders into the Nobody Motorcycle Club, participation in all the rides were down this year. Only three Nobodies set out at 2 pm on this historic ride. Thunder Brother, Soul Man and Kickstand. Sadly Pretzel was out of commission due to illness. Several other members were out of town.

The guys take a break at the Duquette General Store

Soul Man and Thunder Brother fuel up with some food

Soul Man and Kickstand celebrate at the city limits

The domed Thunder Brother and Soul Man do some posing

Last year we were promptly escorted through the fine city of Sturgeon Lake by the Pine County Sheriff. This year we were able to elude the authorities!

Doc's Sports Bar and Grill was forever changed by the Nobodies

Behold the future of the Nobodies; Strong, Smart and Silly
Throughout the day I kept realizing that the future of the Nobodies is secure. With young men like Soul Man and Thunder Brother, the leadership of our club will be in good hands for years to come.

Entering Duluth on the Skyline Drive after the 135 mile ride

Duluth has a spectacular skyline. We were able to enjoy this view as we entered the western end of our fine city. The Skyline Drive follows the ridge that overlooks the Saint Louis River, the Duluth Harbor and Lake Superior.

There are three bridges that cross the Saint Louis River connecting Minnesota to Wisconsin. The picture above shows the Bong Bridge.

Skyline Drive
The Skyline Drive has many pull offs for viewing Duluth and it's scenic sights.

Saint Louis River and two islands

Soul Man and I finished the ride on one of my favorite sections of road in the western part of Duluth. The Halle Road has nice curves, rolling hills and is in great condition. We have many roads in the area that are in deplorable shape, so smooth roads are appreciated. Below is a video of the Soul Man riding his V Rod on a nice rolling section of the road.

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